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  • [2016-4-25]Treatment methods of LVL plywood

    We know LVL can be treated with a range of preservative treatments including CCA,LOSPs,and for veneers. LVL can be treated during manufacture by impregnating veneers or surface treated after manufactur… [show details]

  • [2016-1-29]LVL is comparable in strength to solid

    Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structural applications. It is comparable in strength to solid timber, concrete and steel and is manufactured by bon… [show details]

  • [2015-5-8]Advantages of LVL plywood

    LVL plywood is a kind of Wood Based Pan, it is a high-quality timber with high intensity and steady performance which can be made by low grade wood.advantage: fumigation-free;Make to order;Different sizes;… [show details]

  • [2015-5-8]Eight common types of plywood

    Plywood is a group of adjacent layers of wood veneer usually in the direction perpendicular to each other glued blanks from the plate group, usually their table plate and inner plates are arranged symmetrica… [show details]

  • [2015-5-8]Matters packaging boards in the applic

    The first is the scope of application of the wrapper sheet is small, but great demand, primarily for equipment, apparatus, parts shipping carton factory production, focusing on product availability of product… [show details]

  • [2015-5-8]Plywood floor maintenance tips

    1, floor 24 hours after installation before the furniture on the floor, try to reduce personnel walking on it within 24 hours.2, floor maintenance, shall wash with water, polishing or scouring powder to clean… [show details]

  • [2015-5-8]May 7, 2015 Quotes statistical analysi

    According to statistics, the recent plywood market trading activity rebounded significantly faster shipping.According to monitoring data show that the business community, into May, plywood turnover grew by 35.2… [show details]

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